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"I embarked on a magnificent adventure in the 1980s: to rebuild and operate the family vineyard with my wife, Dominique! Both previously employed in very different fields. The challenge was great! Today we have two employees who work with us.

We have, and continue to pass on our know-how, as well as our passion and our love for our profession to our son Corentin.


Thanks to his already solid curriculum and his experience acquired in other Champagne Houses, we have complete confidence in him, and in his vision; to continually improve our cultivation methods and techniques, while respecting people and the environment."


“Passionate about vines and wine since my childhood, I quickly turned to specialized training in this area, because I wanted to bring new techniques and innovations to our vineyard. And to achieve ever more qualitative work, respecting the values ​​of our family.


I want to bring new cultivation techniques to our family farm, with the aim of always improving ourselves. In addition to this, you need to know more about it.


Working as a family is an advantage in terms of the transmission of knowledge, for this common passion that we share. ”


Our history

Before being winemakers, our family has 400 years of history in agriculture, which gives us as a heritage: a unique experience and know-how of the land, and of the cultures. But it was in 1958 that the history of the winery began.

We have been working in sustainable viticulture for more than 25 years.

But it was this year, in June 2020, that we reached a new milestone, and were audited to finalize our HVE level 3 (High Environmental Value) and VDC (Sustainable Viticulture in Champagne) certifications.

We are proud to have obtained them !

These certifications reinforce our state of mind and our desire to respect people and nature.

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A passion transmitted in our Champagnes

We are lovers of old wines and good things. And that is why we respect our Champagnes by aging them much longer than the regulations allow. 


At least 3 years for our Brut Tradition, and up to 12 years for our Vintage, in order to delight the palates.


To do this, we work with the Ville-Dommange wine cooperative in the development of our Champagnes.

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